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there. security forces have constructed a temporary wall near the u.s. embassy in cairo. security extremely tight following the uproar. >>> four people have been arrested in libya in connection with the attack on the american continue lat in benghazi. u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans were killed in that attack. american warships are on their way to the coast of libya now and several marines have been deployed as well. there is a report from british newspaper claiming the united states has early warnings about the attacks in libya. coming up at 6:15 you will get the reaction from the obama administration to that report when we get a live report from our washington, d.c. bureau. >>> time is 6:04. it's going to take several hours before the power is back on to at least a dozen homes in hayward. power is out. went out about 1:00 this morning. a driver crashed into a power pole on campus drive. now the pole and its wires there they are down on the road. witnesses say the female driver hit it and kept driving. >> i heard pop pop pop no skid marks or anything. and
in the middle east, and another u.s. embassy was attacked just hours ago. >>> and al qaeda connection in the deadly attack in libya. >>> and a man drives through somebody's backyard and almost ends up in a pool, we will tell you why the homeowner says the city is to blame. . >>> this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> well, good morning to you, welcome to a brand-new day, it is thursday september 15thth, i am -- 13th, i am dave clark. >>> it is going to be warmer and not much fog, up the temperatures go, 80s and 90s for some, and by the coast and bay 60s and 70s, here is sal. >>> traffic looks good if you are driving from the high-rise no major problems to the high- rise. also this morning, we are looking at northbound commute getting to highway 280, that traffic is moving well with, let's go pack to the desk. >>> a huge fire, lorraine blanco has more on this school, it serves the kids preschool through 8th grade so a number of students are affected today. >> reporter: that's right, pam, and the air is thick with smoke and it is getting more difficult to breathe. this is very much an
and san jose. most of that is gone. patchy fog on the marin coast. mostly sunny today. 60s and 70s and 80s. here is tara. >>> thanks. this is a look at 280. traffic is move along fairly nicely. and up next we have a look at 880 near the oakland coliseum. same story. a lot of folks on the roadways. so far we don't have any major delays. let's head back to the desk. >>> there is an all out search for a south san francisco father that police say kidnapped his own children, stole a boat, and then took off. ktvu channel 2 reporter claudine wong joins us now in south san francisco with what we are learning about the abduction. claudine. >> reporter: we are trying to replace the -- retrace the steps of the father what he did before leading up to the abduction of his two young children. we are now in south san francisco. this is the neighborhood where the two children live with their mother. this is where they were taken on tuesday afternoon. i want to show you a picture of the children two-year-old devin and sister three-year-old brooklyn. i talked to their mom this morning. their grandmother was
fog banks, inland temperatures, 70s for many, very low 80s but it looks like a cooler week and we will have more coming up, here is sal. >>> traffic looks good on interstate 880, no major problems as you drive to downtown. it looks good if you are driving at the bay bridge and we'll see a backup a. 6:00 let's go back to the desk. >>> happening right now, occupied protesters are camped out to mark the first anniversary of the occupied wall street movement. tara moriarty is out there this morning talking to protesters about how long they will continue these efforts and what will happen. >>> life long commitment and they will stay to the very end until they see some change as far as economic and social injustice. they are camped out here to get a jump start on their message. we spoke to one of the protesters who says she understands it seems the occupied movement has been quiet lately and protesting does not mean they have not been working on their goals. they say they have various communities with sustainable farming and improving the environment. >>> occupy is and always has been a
to tell you more. >>> it is chilly out there for some, a few upper 30s in the russian river basin, the highs 60s and 70s and a few low 80s. here is sal. >>> it is looking nice across the span, no major commute hassles. this is a look at 37 and traffic looks good as well here. let's go back to the desk. >>> three women were injured overnight in oakland. somebody fired shots at their car. live at hyland hospital, you have exclusive video you will see only on 2, good morning tara. >> we understand three of the victims were brought here early this morning. two of them received gunshot wounds and the other received cuts to her face. we understand all are expected to be okay. here is what happened just before midnight, a group of young women driving northbound on seminary avenue near mills college experienced some gunfire, bullet holes, shattered two passengers side windows. two were african-american, three latino, another was shot in the chest area and another in the leg. it is believed they used an automatic weapon and send my -- semiautomatic weapon. we do not have a description of t
are not that high but highs are 60s and 70s and very low 80s, here is sal. >>> traffic on marin is looking good if you are driving towards san rafael and traffic looks good in marin county and also traffic looks good on the san mateo bridge, let's go back to dave and pam. >>> one firefighter was injured fighting an apartment fire. ktvu channel 2 morning news reporter ann rubin was first to report on the scene and has more on the rescue of a woman and her dog and a look at the damage, ann ? >> reporter: take a look, it was a tricky one for firefighters not easy to access and in the end, he was taken to the hospital with minor burns. the fire apparently started in a second floor apartment. initially there were three people trapped and as it turns out, it was three people and her dog. the woman may be suffering from smoke inhalation but has so far refused treatment. the fire happened here which includes four apartment complex and they are concerned other apartment the may have smoke or water damage. this woman lives below the fire. >> the light and i looked out and saw it was a fire and i looked o
for a look at the weather. >> fox is increasing there is a little low so it does look slightly cooler, 60s and 70s and down 2 to 4 degrees, and here is sal. >>> good morning, it is getting more crowded for sure in contra costa, you can see traffic is busy approaching lafayette. also on interstate 880 in oakland, that traffic is moving well. let's go back to dave and pam. >>> developing news, we first told you about it at 4:30, lorraine blanco is there where -- lorraine blanco is there where two people had to jump to safety, pam? >>> one earn was transported and firefighters are still putting out hot spots in that second story apartment. it was fully engulfed just before 3:00 a.m. they called a second alarm when they heard people were trapped inside. they had to jump out of a second story window to escape the flames and neighbors had to help a disabled man to safety. >> they didn't come out the front door, that is when i knew it was an emergency. it was an emergency but i don't let that affect me. >> i helped him up to bed and put him in his wheelchair, which is when omar said get out and
here. little warmup inland. 60s and 70s close to the with theres edge. here is sal. >>> good morning. westbound interstate 80 is getting busy. traffic is the the toll plaza is also starting to get a little busier. san mateo bridge traffic looking good approaching crossing the bridge over to the high-rise. let's go back to the desk. >>> time now 6:01. a suspect in an overnight robbery tried to rob the wrong person it turned out. just hours ago. victim pulled out a gun and started shooting. alex savidge is near lake merit. very intense confrontation. >> reporter: yes the sergeant out here tells me this was an off duty police officer that opened fire on that suspected armed robber. sending him to the hospital. it happened while that off duty officer were held up outside of her car here on lee street. we'll show you video from early this morning as that suspected armed robber was transported to the hospital preponderate he is in stable condition this morning. everything unfolded just after 2:00 this morning. the officer and woman had just arrived home and parked their car. they were appa
, they are dealing with some fog and inland, it will be a warmer afternoon, kind of a hazy day, coast and bay, 5 50s 50s 60s and 70s, here is sal. >>> you can see in the distance as we move the camera, it is foggy in the foreground as steve has been mentioning fog is out there. also the commute looks good from oakland to walnut creek. let's go back to the desk. >>> 2 dozen protesters were arrested at an occupied camp in downtown san francisco. live in front of the federal reserve bank, i guess the 4:30 show started and they installed a fence, right? >> yes. it -- >> reporter: police said it turned into a homeless encampment and we have seen a steady stream of occupied protesters returning to the site. you can see them across the street from a federal reserve and we saw a large police presence to make sure that the occupied movement did not rehe is stablish -- reestablish their encampment. for the last two weeks they have been passing out leaf let's advising them they were illegally lodging on the streets and telling them the camp would be raided. then last night they issued a final order for the cr
it hot. >> in fact it could be the hottest day of the week. a few 40s and a little bit of patchy dense fog along the coastline once we get passed this cool patchy weather, we will enjoy sunny skies even warmer than yesterday and for some of the hottest spots we are talking mid-90s. i will show you these numbers coming up in just a few minutes, coming up. >>> here is oakland traffic coming up, and same story, sun is finally coming up and traffic is flowing well into san francisco. let's head over to dave and pam. >>> we are having it and forensic investigators have just arrived. this is a forensic area. a man was stabbed several times by new bridge street, a man has been rushed to the hospital where he is being treated. four people are being questioned by police. jeanine was there and she will be pack to give us an update from the scene in just about 30 minutes. >>> vallejo police are looking for a man who shot a man right in front of city hall. he was described as an african- american man. he was driving a chevy suburban. the victim does not know the suspect but the two were arguing be
feel that low and it is cool. temperatures are on the high side, they are stuck, inland, more 70s than 80s, here is sal. >>> traffic looks good on highway 24, as you look at the caldecott tunnel from walnut creek to oakland, this looks good on the sunole grade, -- sunole grade, let's go back to the desk. >>> a firefighter got had your just hours ago. east 14th street he is there to tell us what happened, allie? >> reporter: the battalion chief said he will be recovering but will not be working in alameda as a firefighter for a while. he suffered an injury while battling this fire here at the restaurant on east 14th street in san leandro. the fire started around 2:00 a.m. this morning. when alameda firefighters arrived there was heavy smoke and flames coming from a back storage area, now in order to release some of the smoke inside several firefighters went to cut holes and ventilate the smoke. that is when the firefighter hurt himself and he suffered a gash in his calf while using a circular saw, but because of the architecture of this building, it was a challenging fire. >> the saw ha
by the bay. 60s and 70s. inland some fog and then it burns off sunny. san francisco should be 70 degrees on the high side this time of year. this will be the official temp 62. south beach, china base will be a little warmer. probably the mission as well. you know what i'm saying. temperatures will be influenced by that fog bank which isn't going anywhere. there are signs it might later. 50 in san rafael. if they didn't have that fog they would be cooler than that. west, southwest 17 at travis. that is stronger than yesterday. even a westerly component to vacaville. there are signs of high pressure is going to build in starting friday. and if that is the case, then everyone will warm up including the coast. but we'll ease into that. morning fog and sunny. light west breeze. that will pick up a little later. 60s and 70s and 80s. petaluma 74. clearlake and ukiah is still a little warm. 82 brentwood. alameda upper 60s. 84 pleasanton. temperatures just holding steady here. right about near average for some. cupertino 80. fremont at 76 beautiful degrees. that is the spirit. 75 menlo park. 60 p
>>> developing news this morning. u.s. ambassador to libya among the americans killed in a rocket attack overseas. he has ties to the bay area. >>> more than a dozen people are homeless after an overnight fire in the east bay. we have details of a dramatic rescue. >>> palo alto police warning about another recent rash in home burglaries. we will show you the areas that are most effected. >>> and a big announcement expected today from apple here in san francisco. we'll tell you about the details swirling about the new iphone 5. >>> good morning. thank you for joining us on this wednesday morning september 12th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check your weather and traffic. steve is here. he's got the weather thing under control. >> i hope so. a lot of fog out there. it just means very similar to what we had the last couple of days. far enough inland it's hot. 60s and 70s around the bay. 80s inrabid. maybe a little cooler for some inland areas. we'll talk about that in the upcoming weekend coming up. here is sal. >>> good morning, steve. that traffic looks good heading up
. for today that change is subtle, especially inland, 80s to 90s, fog along the coast and cool again so that summer like pattern holds firm, 60s coast, 90s inland. we have tropical depression john off the baja california coastline that will bring high clouds to our area, by wednesday and thursday high clouds. will feel humid, even a slight possibility for thunderstorms maybe wednesday night into thursday morning as it interacts with that low pressure off our coastline. >>> for today mostly sunny, dry conditions, a lot like where we started yesterday, 48 napa, 52 santa rosa, and 50s in those areas, afternoon highs feeling pretty good in most cases, hot for some of our far inland spots, 90 clear lake, 83 napa, 84 navato, 70s sausalito, 70s east bayshore line, nun danville, 90 walnut creek, south bay, 85 santa clara, 84 mill ped as, 85 san jose, 80s there, 84 wood side, 83 menlo park, the extended forecast, numbers will continue to fall in a bigger way by wednesday into thursday, into the weekend we will see that high pressure build back in, 80s and 90s forecast inland, 60s at the cost. ba
of that westerly breeze. temperatures will come down especially inland. 50s and 60s there. 70s and then mainly about 5-7 degrees cooler inland. here is sal. >>> we have traffic that is beginning to build up almost everywhere you look on this monday morning on the east shore freeway. more people coming down to the mccarthur maze and the traffic here is moving along okay. westbound senator mccain bridge traffic looks good. the traffic is going to be busy heading out to the high-rise. we do have some traffic problems coming out of the livermore and pleasanton area for that we will go right back to the desk. >>> our breaking news out of pleasanton where some drivers are starting to get through on the shoulder after southbound 680 was shout down near stone ridge drive following a fatal accident. ktvu allie rasmus tells us now what we are learning about the pedestrian who was hit and killed. >> reporter: the good news is right now traffic is no longer at a complete standstill. you can see one lane the far left lane is open again. about 30 minutes ago they opened that shoulder so vehicles can get aro
pattern today, 60s, 70s and 80s, back to you. >> thank you, steve. sal is off this morning. we are keeping a close eye on traffic for you, a look at the toll plaza, what is happening there. pretty usual there with people starting to make their way into san francisco and stopping off there on the right part of your screen, slowing down probably through the next hour. >> can i talk about 880? >> sure. >> let's look there. more traffic showing up both sides of the freeway. getting busy, this past the coliseum towards oakland. >> we also begin our news this morning with continuing coverage of the chp officer wounded during a traffic stop yesterday morning. we are covering it all morning yesterday. 37-year-old officer kenyon youngstrum fighting for his life this morning. he stopped a jeep yesterday morning in alamo, the l not ide fire. we have team coverage. claudine wong is at the chp office with an update but first alex savage is at the medical center with the vigil for officer youngstrum, alex. >> reporter: good morning, yes, the officer's family is asking everyone to offer their prayers as
for the first iphone 5 in the world. he was first in line in palo alto when the last iphone before s was released. >>> in election news this morning mitt romney returns to the bay area today to raise some cash for his campaign. afternoon fundraiser is scheduled for that. strawberry hill estates in hillsborough. chopper 2 flew over the estate yesterday. tickets $50,000 a head. >>> in a few weeks president obama will return to the bay area as well for a san francisco concert and rally fundraiser. according to the bay area news group the october 8th event will be held at the bill graham civic auditorium. tickets range between $100 and $7500. >>> congress is preparing to take recess until after the november election. but first they have keyish eyes to resolve. coming up at 6:15 we are going to go live to washington, d.c. to tell you why it could be a long weekend for some members of congress. >>> time now 6:06. the space shuttle endeavour will be flying over us here in the bay area about 8:30 this -- about 9:30 this morning. before the endeavour retires to the museum in los angeles it wi
. steve is here, should we take an umbrella? >> south. >> wow. >> they are there. 60s, 70s and 80s, we will take a closer look then, here is tara. >> here is a live look at 101. traffic is looking good. in the south bay this is a look at the bridge. you can see traffic there. back to the desk. >> only on 2 we have new video to show you. a rescue happened in san jose. we are told a man fell off a roof and became stuck between two buildings there. ja anything janine de la vega is there. what is going on. >> reporter: yes , the victim is the suspect and there now treated for his injuries. behind me, i am standing here and this man is on top of the roof and was trying to jump from the building to the other building next door and he jumped and he fell 20 feet and wedged between an 18 inch gap and became trapped. police and fire crews were called here this morning and found 32-year-old man being trapped. we got video that shows that. he actually called police from his cell phone and told them that two men were chasing him with a knife so he was trying to get away and hide and that is how he
. san jose overcast, napa, there's no fog today but there was yesterday. 60s through 90s. here eusocial. >>> good morning. we're looking good here. there are no major problems driving through. also the morning commute is looking good. 6:01. let's go back to dave and pam. >>> a grade girl, the latest victim of a very busy street because of an accident. ktvu is at the scene where this happened and where a memorial has been set up for the child who was killed. >> we're standing on the stretch of road where that deadly demeanorred. there's the memorial. you can see it clear. candies and teddy bears laid out for yesterday's acts. we have video we shot yesterday morning at 4:00 when we arrived, showing what appeared to be police evidence markers in the road. showing the path the suv took in the moments before and after striking the middle schooler. the 12-year-old girl is haley ratliff. she was riding her bike at 3:15 yesterday afternoon when she was hit by the white suv. emergency crews showed up and she was taken by ambulance and then airlifted to children's hospital in he could where she w
will say the u.s. will do what it must to prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon. his address to the united nations coming a day after the iran president told a group of reporters israel would eventually be eliminated and had no roots in the middle east. he said they don't take their threats seriously. president obama will respond as he takes the podium. he will say there is still time for diplomasy. >> the president's commit meant preventing iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon is clear. >> romney accused president obama of not being tough enough and leading behind. reporting live from washington, d.c., channel 2 news. >>> federal aviation officialses say -- officials say close calls are still running ram -- happening. they say it's happens once a day. the faa says about a dozen are serious enough to warrant an investigation every year. >>> things are back to normal at the airport after a bomb threat last night. they searched two parking garages at the airport but didn't find anything suspicious. flights are operating again. >>> today san francisco supervisors will call for a
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20